Offline-to-Online: Moving offline customers to online purchases

Retailers still generate the majority of their sales in brick-and-mortar sales. But more and more sales are shifting to the Internet. In order to maintain their market share, marketers at retail companies are increasingly concerned with the topic of offline-to-online: How can offline customers also be persuaded to buy online?

In this e-book you will learn which possibilities and best practices exist in offline conversion tracking.

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Encouraging offline customers to buy online

Many retailers are pursuing a strategy of getting existing offline customers to make online purchases as well. This can be challenging because many long-time offline customers simply stick to their habits. The following example illustrates this: Coupons offered in online stores are redeemed more than 50% offline, i.e., cross-channel. Whereas coupons offered in stores are only redeemed less than 5% in the online store, i.e. cross-channel.

Offline customers sign up for the Nesletter

Which offline-to-online methods achieve the best results in practice? It is tried and tested to repeatedly send coupons and special offers to offline customers via newsletter, which can only be redeemed in the online store. So the question is, how can retailers sign up their offline customers in particular to the newsletter or loyalty card?

Omnichanel coupons for offline customers

Retailers often offer a coupon as an incentive to drive more newsletter signups. Unfortunately, an online-only coupon is often offered as an incentive. However, this does not appeal to offline customers because they have only accessed the online store to do research and then make a purchase in the store. Therefore, an offline or omnichannel coupon should also be offered on the website as a reward for newsletter registration.

Omnichannel coupons from Gonnado

Omnichannel coupons can significantly increase the conversion rate of website visitors to newsletter sign-up. With Gonnado's partners, we often see a doubling of the number of newsletter signups. Gonnado delivers offline customer contact information directly into retailers' CRM and online marketing systems. This allows marketers to target their offline customers online to encourage them to make online purchases. Gonnado's omnichannel coupons can already be used in our free pricing plan.

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